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Given that you found this store, chances are you just don’t give a fuck.

So many people are wrapped up in caring about stuff, while you ran out of fucks to give a long time ago. 

Sometimes these people expect you to give a fuck, though. When was the last time that worked out for anybody?

The problem is, when you give so few fucks, it’s hard to justify using your time and energy to tell people how few fucks you give. 

That’s where this hat comes in. 

The “Zero Fucks” Hat, designed and manufactured in Eugene, Oregon, is the latest innovation in not giving a fuck. 

Let the hat speak for you and go on with your life. Buy one today and you’ll stand out at:

  • Parties
  • Football games
  • Music festivals
  • Family dinners
  • Church gatherings
  • And more!


Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that this hat will adjust everyone’s expectations to your fuck-giving capacity. Some situations will require supplemental verbal communication.

We can guarantee that people will look at you differently after you put this on, though. Not many people have the good judgement to let their wardrobe speak for them.

You do, though. You are strong and powerful and you just don’t give a fuck.

For only $19.99 you can let the world know exactly how you feel with very little effort. It’s never been easier to give Zero Fucks. 

Post on instagram wearing your #zerofuckshat and tag @zero.fucks.hat

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