When life is chaos, tranquility will save you

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I’ve finally reached a milestone.

My life is a total mess by any objective standards. I can’t go into more detail but trust me. The average person would describe my current situation as totally FUBAR.

This week in particular has launched multiple artillery strikes of bullshit at my consciousness.

I find myself not caring though. Where some would see obstacles, I see avenues to new solutions.

Where some would find themselves drowning in negativity, I float merrily above it.

It seems that I have cultivated a tranquil inner state to keep me level through these trying times.

It’s weird though. I’ve barely meditated or exercised the past two months. My diet has honestly been garbage. I’ve indulged in nearly all of my worst habits.

And yet, My attitude is so much stronger than it used to be. Someone hands me a huge bottle of negativity sauce and I say, “Nuh uh, not on my grass-fed certified organic burger.”

Without fully realizing it I’ve created/internalized a good system of questions to evaluate potentially disruptive events in my life.

  1. How is this my fault?
  2. What can I do about it?
  3. Is it worth my time?

The trick, however is being 100% honest. Last spring I made a commitment to total honesty with myself and others.

I fall short of that goal (I’m still human unfortunately) but this has created a perfect foundation for dealing with bullshit.

When it’s my fault I recognize that it’s my fault. That grants me the freedom to recognize when it has nothing to do with me.

Sometimes people are just on a negative frequency. People on that level always want to bring you down. There’s nothing negative people hate more than seeing positive people thrive.

Honesty is tremendously important to developing inner tranquility.

When everything around you is chaos, honesty becomes a perfect filter to focus on what’s really happening.

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