Vegans deserve love too, and now there’s an app for that

vegan couple eating food sharing happy love
A happy vegan couple. They probably met on Veggly

Online dating is about to go plant-based thanks to a vegan-only dating app called Veggly.

Veggly excels at bringing people together for some cruelty-free romance, and it’s growing quickly.

Many vegans approach their lifestyle with religious fervor, which has undoubtedly led to many arguments and breakups. 

According to Plenty Of Fish, 20% of vegans have ended relationships over diet.

It makes perfect sense that people who are more picky about their diet are also more picky about their lovers.

Although plant-based living has grown steadily more popular in recent years, vegans still constitute a significant minority of the population.

In the US there are about 7.3 million vegans, which is about 3.5 percent of the population, so it’s difficult to find like-minded eaters in a lot of places.

However, the growing enthusiasm for veganism could have major impacts on the dating market, especially if Veggly continues to grow. 

Exciting opportunity

Veggly has a powerful position in modern dating. 

Plant-based living grows more popular every day, and people need to date.

According to that PoF article, though, people’s dietary dating choices can get complicated.

Here’s some of their data:

Vegan Diet: 50% of vegans don’t want to date another vegan

Paleo Diet: 50% of paleo dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian

Gluten-Free Diet: 20% of gluten-free dieters don’t want to date a low-carb dieter

Low-Carb Diet: 31% of low-carb dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian

Vegetarian: 25% of vegetarians don’t want to date a paleo dieter

How is anyone supposed to navigate that?

With Veggly’s help!

The app has already positioned itself as a diet-centric dating platform, so they’re in the perfect spot to expand to other preferences. 

Chances are they have even more data than we do about food-based romantic preferences, so they must be tailoring their service to these complex interests. 

Instead of allowing competitors to come in and make PaleoDate or KetoKiss, Veggly can expand and corner the market on matching people with compatible diets.

Confusion and chaos

The PoF data could illuminate a potential problem for veggly, though. 

If 50% of vegans don’t want to date other vegans, that cuts out a lot of potential customers.

However, if Veggly makes a good system for people specifying their diet demands, this could be huge.

Users could specify Vegan seeking Paleo, or Vegetarian seeking Omnivore, similarly to how people specify body types and relationship styles on other dating apps. 

A lot of people already put their dietary preferences in dating profiles, so it’s obviously important.

On OkCupid, you can indicate how important specific preferences are to you.

So in Veggly it would make sense for users to say, “I want to date vegans and it’s SUPER important,” for example.

People gravitate towards apps that specifically cater to their needs, and given the importance of diet to identity and community-building, Veggly could be a powerful service.

The future

As the plant-based trend continues, there may come a time when meat-eating is as much of a turnoff as racism or neckbeards.

People who eat meat simply won’t be able to get laid in many parts of the world, so Veggly’s potential customer base will keep growing. 

Veggly could take over the whole dating market and push competitors like Tinder into obscurity. 

If dietary dating becomes a powerful enough market force, though, Tinder would likely just pivot and add some sort of food preference to it’s app.

Maybe no one will care, though. 

There are already tons of niche dating sites like Christian Mingle and Farmers Only, and they have far fewer users than Tinder.

Veggly’s huge milestone was reaching 200,000 active users.

That’s only 4% of Tinders 5 million users. 

Granted, there are a lot of fake or inactive profiles on Tinder, but the app’s simplicity and openness are exactly what made it popular. 

You don’t have to be the biggest business to be a good business, though, and Veggly seems to do a great job of helping Vegans connect with each other.