When life is chaos, tranquility will save you

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I’ve finally reached a milestone: my life is a complete mess.

I can’t go into much more detail but trust me. Many people would describe my current situation as totally FUBAR.

Between depression dragging me into bad habits, kafka-esque bureaucratic nightmares, and losing a friend to suicide, there’s a lot weighing on me. Rather than drowning in the negativity, though, I float merrily above it.

That’s not to say I never get sad. I just let the sadness come into to me, I exoerience it fully, and then I let it go.

It seems that I have cultivated a tranquil inner state to keep me level through these trying times. How did that happen?

It couldn’t have been anything I did the past week. I’ve neglected all diet and exercise habits that normally keep me in a good mindstate.

And yet, My attitude is so much stronger than it used to be. Someone hands me a huge bottle of negativity sauce and I say, “Nuh uh, not on my grass-fed certified organic burger.”

Without fully realizing it I’ve created/internalized a good system of questions to evaluate potentially disruptive events in my life.

  1. How responsible am I for the current situation?
  2. What can I do to make this situation better for everyone?

Usually I can think of a few ways that my actions (or inactions) led us to where we are. This gives me the power to intentionally improve on my flaws and shortcomings for the benefit of the community.

When it becomes clear that events are unfolding that you, I, or anyone else could have done to stop or control a situation. In these cases the best thing to do is just stay calm and ride the wave.

Serenity is a gift that you give to everyone around you. Agitated energy waves turn life into chaos, but you can calm the vibrations. Lead yourself towards the light when darkness threatens to take over.

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