Turn off your phone, take a deep breath, and go outside

This is a mini-episode from our podcast “The Snaktak Living Library.” A lot of people need tips on reducing stress, so we wanted to put this one in written form too so more of you can benefit from this info.

37 notifications. Mountains of emails. Robots coming for our jobs.

Stress assaults our lives on a scale and volume never seen before in human history. It’s getting more severe, but our ability to deal with it seems stagnant at best. 

However, in these complicated times reducing stress is as simple as breathing deeply, turning your phone off, and going outside.

Modern humans are disconnected from our bodies. We build our identities on our digital presence and our physical belongings. 

Ancient wisdom tells us that meditation and deep breathing are keys to spiritual fulfillment. Modern science is demonstrating that meditation reduces stress, increases longevity, and improves quality of life

Take 6-10 deep breaths or meditate for 5 minutes next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

woman feet nature dirt hike outside stress

Smartphones create many positive connections. They also distract us, fill our minds with stressful news, and make us helpless without our apps to depend on.

Reduce your smartphone use to reduce your stress. Whether you leave your phone off until after breakfast or for the whole weekend, your life will feel better if you maintain strong digital boundaries.

A lot of people are also stressed because they’re lonely and have no connection to their communities or the natural world. 

Going in nature at least once a week decreases your stress levels. It’s even more effective if you bring 

friends (or make some on the trail!). Engaging with our communities in beautiful natural spaces is one of the best stress management techniques possible.

Stress is complicated. Reducing it doesn’t have to be.

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