Snack-vestigations: A practical nutrition guide to protein bars

We want to help you live a happy life with a healthy diet. Protein bars and other energy snacks are getting more and more popular, and there are soooooo many different choices. 

That’s why we wanted to start reviewing energy bars and giving you as much information as possible about their ingredients, corporate practices, and branding. 

Snaktak does have a few important biases to consider: 

  1. We sell our own energy bites so there is an incentive for us to say all other snacks are inferior (although we regularly recommend other snacks to people who want flavors or health benefits that Dirtballs don’t offer.)
  2. Sugar is an absolute no-go for us, so any product with added sugar automatically gets an F.
  3. Boring snacks have no place in our hearts, minds, or bellies, so we do penalize other companies for boring, uninspired brand messaging. 
  4. Snackability is a word we invented to justify our bite-sized portions, so Dirtballs have an inherent advantage in this category.

Now, with all that established, let's dive into the reviews so you can make the best choices for your health goals:

We’ll be reviewing these energy bars with the following rubric:

Product name

Main | Nutritional | Claims

Net carbs: _ g      Added sugars: _ g

Overall rating: 


Packaging appeal

Ingredient quality

Company practices


Overall, _ get a rating of 

Health, Promo