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RX Bar snaktak protein energy bar nutrition review

12g Protein Bar | No B.S. 

Net carbs: 18 g      Added sugars: 0 g

Overall rating: 😍🥳💚



Disclaimer: I was a fan of RX bars prior to writing this review.


All RX Bars taste great, and this is my favorite flavor. Dates are the most delicious food in the world, so when you mix in nuts, chocolate, and sea salt, you get a sweet, complex fruity nutty flavor adventure full of mystery, action, and intrigue.

There’s so little to say because they just knock the flavor out of the park. It’s great ingredients in an optimal balance.

This is my first time trying the peanut butter, though, and I’m pleased. It’s slightly sweet, very creamy, and has that nice oily layer you expect from quality natural peanut butter. I think the dates made it harder to stir, but dates are such a great natural sweetener because they impart a rich fruity undertone with the core sweetness. 

Also, dates + peanut butter is one of the most underrated flavor combos ever. Especially when you’re stoned with some good friends, passing around a jar of peanut butter and a bag of dates is a fantastic snack experience. 


Packaging appeal

It’s simple, appealing, and unique. No one knows why the anchor is there, but it gives a bit of unique flavor to the brand.

They really nailed it here. With no fluff, everything in this design contributes to the core message: This is strong. This is healthy. This is what you want. 

If RX Bar started using non-petroleum-based packaging like kraft paper or something, this would officially be the best protein bar company.


Ingredient quality

What else is there to say? This is a food product made out of real food!

I haven’t investigated their suppliers to see how non-GMO or organic their supply chains are, but I don’t really care to be honest. It would be great if this was all organic, but the fact RX bar is feeding people real food makes me happy. I think everyone should eat more dates, and these bars are helping with that. 

It’s an endless source of confusion that more companies don’t make products with this same ethos of healthfulness and simplicity. Rx Bar is a clear example that you can achieve tremendous success without resorting to unnecessary sweeteners and strange industrial additives.


Company practices

RX Bar gained notoriety from transparency and unconventional marketing. Like me, they were tired of all the junk ingredients in other snack products, so they made something simple and wonderful out of real food.  

They grew through word-of-mouth marketing and a refreshing enthusiasm for responding to consumer feedback. Now they have a variety of flavors, all crafted with the same ethos of simplicity and honesty. 

This company’s founders executed their business so well that Kellogg’s bought RX Bar for $600 million dollars. 

RX Bar’s core business model is selling people real healthy fuel to help them meet their fitness goals. They execute extremely well on this noble mission so this is a good company.

Unfortunately, we now enter an ethical grey area. Kellogg is a huge player in the carb-heavy oversugared Standard American Diet (SAD). We can’t ignore their inexcusable contributions to widespread inflammation and brain fog.

Might Kellogg’s resources help RX maintain its integrity and keep producing real-food products for discerning athletes? We’ll see.



Very snackable. These bars are a convenient size and think profile, which makes them ideal to slip in a back pocket or gym bag. I see more and more protein bars in this size, and I wonder if people are just copying RX bars…

Peanut butter is infinitely snackable because you can eat as much or as little as you want! The world is your delicious, protein-packed oyster.


Overall, RX Products get a rating of 😍🥳💚

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