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Dirtballs are perfect for an active day in the gym, a hike to the beach, or a snack break on your favorite mountaintop.

With only 8 delicious, natural ingredients, Dirtballs give you an incredible snack without needing any weird sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives.

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Get your Dirtballs and #eatdirt today!

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Every pack contains 7 Dirtballs so you can chow down and still share with your friends.


Dirtballs are soft chewy energy bites made of healthy fruits, seeds and spices.

Dates, papaya, and coconut make up the base. Sunflower butter and flax seeds add protein and texture. Cinnamon adds a warm spicy flavor and a bit of sea salt rounds out the sweet flavors.

Dates, Golden Flax Seeds, Sunflower Butter, Dried Papaya, Coconut Butter, Dried Coconuts, Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

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2 reviews for Dirtballs Energy Bites

  1. Tyler

    I’ll eat anything with flax seeds in it, and this is no exception.

    Tasty & I like that it only has a few ingredients.

    10/10 with rice (reddit reference, I didn’t actually try it with rice)

  2. Jeff A Harmon

    Really liked them! I need more Jeremy. Thanks.

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What’s in Dirtballs?

Dirtballs contain ingredients inspired by a summer spent farming in the Fijian islands. Dates, coconut, and papaya make the base. Sunflower butter and Flax seeds provide protein and texture, while cinnamon and sea salt round out the amazing flavor.  


What do Dirtballs taste like?

According to one customer, “They’re like a cinnamon roll, but you feel healthy after!” That’s the most accurate description we’ve heard so far. This unique blend of earthy natural ingredients creates a thrilling flavor that we haven’t found anywhere else (and trust us, we’ve looked.)


Are Dirtballs Keto?

There is a lot of natural sugar in dates and papaya. This high carbohydrate content makes Dirtballs a less-than-ideal Keto snack, even though there’s some fat and protein from the sunflower and coconut butters. But if you’ve just done a tough workout and need to replenish your glycogen stores, then Dirtballs might be a good option. 

Although if you’re strict about following the ketogenic diet, this is probably not the snack for you.


Are Dirtballs healthy?

Hell yeah! When we started to really dig into all of our ingredients’ health benefits, it blew our minds 🤯 You can read more about that here

That being said, Dirtballs are only part of a healthy diet. If you only eat Dirtballs, you will miss out on important nutrients such as Vitamin K


Are Dirtballs Vegan?

Unless some rogue scientists discover that papayas are sentient, Dirtballs are entirely vegan.


Do Dirtballs come in different flavors?

Right now Dirtballs come in one flavor. We wanted to get things right with the first product before expanding our product line. We do have a new flavor in development, though. 

If you are craving a different flavor palate, we suggest you try Barnana Chewy Banana Bites, RX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt, or some organic peaches from your local farmer’s market.