The Mediterranean diet might keep you from dying in 2021

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As countless fad diets and nutritional trends come and go, the Mediterranean Diet holds a special place as one of the healthiest, most accessible diets in the world.

For the fourth year in a row, US News and Report rated the Mediterranean as the healthiest diet.

There are a few reasons that the Mediterranean diet has held its place in the nutrition industry for so long.

It’s based on a few simple, easy-to-follow principles that help you elevate your health regardless of your culinary preferences.

Given its long-lasting appeal, we want to help you learn about this healthy, delicious, easy-to-follow diet.

Easy to follow

Many people fail to follow diets like Keto because the rules and restrictions are too complex or difficult.

The Mediterranean Diet, on the other hand, is more of a mindset than a specific set of rules.

Rather than prescribing which specific foods you should eat, the diet recommends prioritizing whole foods.

Vegetables, legumes, and healthy fats should make up most of what you eat, with limited amounts of red meat, sweets, and processed foods.

This allows people to tailor the diet to their specific tastes and to which foods are most available.

Imagine a nicely seared salmon steak drizzled in olive oil, served on a bed of greens with roasted chickpeas and broccoli on the side.

That doesn’t even sound like a diet, but it’s 100% Mediterranean.

This diet is perfect for people who want a good balance of health and happiness because it encourages flavorful meals rich in spices and colorful veggies.

Red wine & Resveratrol

Unlike other diets, the Mediterranean Diet also encourages you to enjoy a little red wine with your meals.

Red wine contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that’s widely cited for its cancer-resistant qualities.

Adding resveratrol-rich foods to your diet has numerous health benefits that help you live a longer happier life.

Red wine only contains trace amounts of resveratrol, though.

Other Mediterranean-friendly foods such as red grapes and peanuts give you more resveratrol.

I suspect that this diet includes red wine because happiness is such an important factor.

It’s much easier to follow a diet if you’re allowed to enjoy a bold pinot noir with your dinner.

The Mediterranean diet also encourages you to enjoy meals in groups with friends and family, and what’s better than enjoying good wine and good food with people you love.

Happy life = Healthy life

This diet stands out from many others due to its emphasis on building a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Look at the Mediterranean Diet pyramid. You’ll notice something interesting at the bottom:

The pyramid rests on a foundation of physical activity and meals shared with friends.

May diets only consider the foods you eat but ignore the quality of your lifestyle.

There’s a growing body of research into the link between happiness and health, and researchers are close to understanding the exact reason that holistic happiness often leads to greater physical health.

It’s no secret that physical activity makes you healthier, but it’s refreshing to see such clear emphasis placed on those lifestyle factors.

Especially today in the Covid-19 era, finding ways to connect with your friends and family is critically important for your health.

Humans are meant to be active and social, so a lifestyle based around sharing healthy, satisfying meals (and wine!) with the people you love must be the healthiest possible option.

How to start eating Mediterranean

First, go to your pantry and throw away any processed foods you have laying around.

The Mediterranean diet, like all healthy diets, recommends you stick to whole foods and avoid anything overly processed.

The Standard American Diet, with all of its processed carbs, sweeteners, and preservatives, gives people diabetes and destroys overall health.

Next, go to your local farmers’ market and buy as many colorful veggies as you can find.

Including a range of colors in your diet gives you a full range of nutrients and flavors, so you should eat as many different veggies as possible.

Once you have your veggies, and maybe a few swordfish steaks or tilapia filets, invite your best friends over to cook a meal together.

Cooking with friends is a fantastic way to bond, and this fulfills the Mediterranean’s directions to enjoy meals with your friends.

Additionally, sharing your new healthy lifestyle with friends might inspire them to elevate their own well-being.

Mediterranean works for everyone

One of the Mediterranean Diet’s greatest strengths is its versatility.

The simple guideline of eating whole foods allows you to tailor the diet to your personal preferences.

Many people eat fish and chicken while following this diet, but it works just as well if you’re vegan, plant-based, keto, or paleo.

Roasted chickpeas, walnuts, avocado slices, and cranberries served with fresh local greens (and drizzled in olive oil of course) make a hearty easy-to-prepare Mediterranean meal for vegans.

The Mediterranean diet is a template to elevate your well-being in whatever way is most pleasing to your palette.

This post should have given you all of the information you need to start eating  healthier with the Mediterranean diet

Just in case you need a little more inspiration, here’s a great list of Mediterranean Diet recipes:

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