Snack-vestigation: Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie

review Lenny and Larry cookie protein energy bar

10 G Fiber per cookie | Plant-Based | Baked Nutrition

Net carbs: 22 g      Added sugars: 9 g

Overall rating: 🤬🤮🙄



Flavor reviewed: Double Chocolate

This tastes like real food! Way to go, L & L. 

Despite all the added sugars, it’s not overly sweet. This is a subtle well-balanced chocolate flavor. 

You cannot underestimate the importance of flavor in food products (even though so many companies do). This cookie tastes healthy, which is enough for people to think it’s healthy and continue buying more. 

If I wanted to indulge while also sticking to my macros, this might be a good option. This cookie would be great dipped in some Rippl or Oatly

This is definitely more of a dessert than a protein bar. It does remind me of those anonymous plastic-wrapped cookies you can buy from the coffee shops in gym lobbies and hospitals. 

Packaging appeal

There are some quirky details on the wrapper, such as the instruction on the back flap: “STOP READING AND RIP IT OPEN!” Little details like this do a lot for building rapport between brands and their customers. 

Overall the design is very clean and appealing. Even though two dudes are the face of the brand, there’s a distinctly soft feminine feel, especially in their instagram posts.

This is not a bro-focused protein product. Maybe because they’re marketing to vegans they don’t want to appear too masculine or aggressive. 

The large size of the product gives them plenty of room on the packaging to virtue-signal with a long list of health claims.  

People outside the food industry don’t understand the art of manipulating nutritional values. The front of the packaging says “16G protein per cookie” but the serving size is half a cookie. You’re not supposed to eat the whole thing. 

The nutrition facts are also hidden underneath a flap, which is not a good look. If nutrition is so important, why are you hiding the facts Lenny? What do you have to say for yourself, Larry???

Also I don’t understand how they can claim “0g Sugar alcohols” when they have vegetable glycerin, a sugar alcohol in their ingredients 🤔

Edit → After some research, I think I figured it out

Ingredient quality

Plant-based is good, but it does not always mean healthy. These large cookies have 5 sweeteners, including invert sugar, which is a blend of two different types of sugar. 

Vegetable glycerin is in a lot of these products, and it’s not good for you. It was originally used in dynamite and produced by heating vegetable fats with a strong alkali such as LYE!! I’d prefer to keep lye far away from my food.

A lot of manufacturers use this sweetener to improve flavors without increasing the carb content because the FDA does not require it to be included in that metric.

This product is marketed towards vegans and people who think vegan automatically means healthy. Their ingredients are all technically natural and it is good that everything is non-gmo certified. 

However, even though they come from plants, palm oil and sugar are not good for you. 

Company practices

Oh yay, they’re partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to sponsor events and hand out cookies. I’m getting real tired of this shit. 

Cookies are not health food. Too many food companies are encouraging kids to have unhealthy diets by giving them fake healthy snacks like these.

Lenny & Larry do a lot of virtue signaling to appeal to their demographic. Specifying that their palm oil is sustainable makes people feel better about buying this product. 

There’s a trend in food companies to stick as many value claims as possible on thier products. It’s redundant to say both “no egg” and “vegan” on your packaging, but L & L do it so you know how great and virtuous they are. 

All of these protein cookies lie to people. Cookies are not healthy and if you want optimal nutrition do not buy these fake healthy indulgence snacks. 


Sub-optimal snackability here. It’s a giant cookie that would be too big for most people. So they split it into two servings. 

That means you either have to split it with a friend, save half for later, or eat more than you need to.

These cookies do break in half easily, which is very user-friendly given the portion size. 

Final word

Overall, Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies get a rating of 🤬🤮🙄

These have a lot of bad ingredients and questionable corporate practices, but for some reason I’m more indifferent than opposed to this particular protein product. 

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