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Dirtballs energy bites are one of the most delicious vegan snacks in the world. They’re perfect for a snack on the trail, breakfast at home, or a boost of energy in the afternoon.






Dirtballs Energy Bites

Simple, healthy, delicious 🙂


Dates are sweet sticky fruits originally from North Africa. They're high in fiber, antioxidants, and several key nutrients.

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds are packed full of fiber and omega 3's, so they help support your digestion and overall well-being.


This beautiful tropical fruit has powerful digestive enzymes and compounds that support heart, bone, and eye health.

Sunflower Butter

Sunflower Butter has all of the protein and flavor of nut butters, in a more allergy-friendly form.


Coconuts are one of the healthiest, most delicious foods in the world. They have tons of vitamins & minerals and an amazing, rich flavor.


In addition to it's delicious flavor and smell, cinnamon has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


Here's what people say about Dirtballs!

Dirtballs are literally the perfect skiing snack!

Emma A

Teacher, Oregon

I keep a pack in my truck so I always have a great boost of energy in the morning.

Addison W

Architect, Oregon


Your common questions about Dirtballs

Dirtballs contain ingredients inspired by a summer spent farming in the Fijian islands. Dates, coconut, and papaya form the flavor foundation. Sunflower butter and Flax seeds provide protein and texture, while cinnamon and sea salt round out the amazing flavor.  

According to one customer, “They’re like a cinnamon roll, but you feel healthy after!” That’s the most accurate description we’ve heard so far. This unique blend of earthy natural ingredients creates a thrilling flavor that we haven’t found anywhere else (and trust us, we’ve looked.)

Hell yeah! When we started to really dig into all of our ingredients’ health benefits, it blew our minds 🤯 You can read about that in detail here (link to health benefits).

That being said, Dirtballs are only part of a healthy diet. If you only eat Dirtballs, you will miss out on important nutrients like Vitamin D and Vitamin K

Yes. Unless some rogue scientists discover that papayas are sentient, Dirtballs are entirely vegan.

Absolutely. Dirtballs contain only fruits, seeds, and spices. They’re manufactured by Elegant Elephant Baking Co, a bakery specializing in gluten-free delicacies.

There is a lot of natural sugar in dates and papaya. This high carbohydrate content makes Dirtballs a less-than-ideal Keto snack, even though there’s some fat and protein from the sunflower and coconut butters. But if you’ve just done a tough workout and need to replenish your glycogen stores, then Dirtballs might be a good option. 

Although if you’re strict about following the ketogenic diet, this is probably not the snack for you.

Nope! This is the only flavor we currently sell, but we’re currently working on some new variations.

If you are craving a different flavor palate, we suggest you try Barnana Chewy Banana BitesRX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt, or some organic peaches from your local farmers market.

A perfect snack can change your life

The food you eat becomes who you are. You can’t afford to eat anything but the best food in the world. So try some Dirtballs today and take your pantry to the next level.