Eat what makes you happy

Working in the nutrition field can be very challenging and overwhelming sometimes.

There’s so much information to sift through about what makes a healthy diet and what types of diets are available for people. 

Way too much nutritional information is tainted by people’s own lack of knowledge, their egos, and their financial incentives. 

One of the biggest flaws in nutritional info is the idea that there is a single diet that is healthiest for everyone everywhere to eat all the time. 

That’s a lie, though. 

Anyone who’s telling you that you need to eat a specific food or follow a specific diet probably has a financial incentive to do so. 

Whether they’re selling their own superfood formula or a diet coaching program, nutritional information has been polluted by capitalist greed.

Obviously, we are a business, and we do want you to buy our products.

However, we’ve never claimed that Dirtballs are the pinnacle of health food or that everyone needs to eat Dirtballs every day (although we won’t stop you if you want to.)

Dirtballs are for people like you who enjoy simple snacks made without any weird industrial ingredients. 

Some of our customers are vegan, some eat meat, and it’s really none of our business what people choose to eat besides Dirtballs. 

In general, avoiding heavily processed foods will lead to good health outcomes.

Outside of that, it’s up to you to decide what type of diet best serves your needs.

So follow your gut and always eat the foods that make you feel happy, healthy, and ready for all of your adventures.

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