Eat Dirt Every Day!!! The story of Dirtballs

Dirtballs are a simple energy snack inspired by the summer I spent farming in Savusavu, Fiji. We ate dates during the day for energy, then picked fresh papayas and coconuts on the beach when the day was over. 

After returning to the states, I sold some vegan oatmeal cookies for a bake sale at school. I jokingly called them “Dirtballs” because they looked like little brown dirt clumps. People loved them and Dirtballs were always the first thing to sell out! 

This idea simmered in my brain while I moved north to Eugene, Oregon. I decided I’d try to turn Dirtballs into a real business, so I started experimenting to find the perfect recipe.

For two months I spent a few hours a day iterating and cataloging different recipes. I even made this Spotify playlist to get me in the right headspace for upbeat creativity.

Eventually, I started to incorporate more of my favorite fruits from Fiji into the recipe. As the recipe neared completion, dates, papaya, and coconut became important parts of the flavor base.

And the rest is basically history. I finalized the formula, made packaging with the help of my friend Ayana Perry, and started slinging dirtballs wherever I could.

Right now Dirtballs are available at Sequential Biofuels near Lane Community College and in Springfield. You can also email me at and make a direct order. (If you’re in Eugene, OR I’ll deliver your Dirtballs in person😊)

We’re in the process of updating our packaging and professionalizing this business. Join the Snaktak Newsletter to get the inside scoop on the next steps for Dirtballs.