Nutritional Obstruction: How Fast Food Branding Blocks our Spiritual Growth

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Even though I’m all about good nutrition, I still fall prey to the dastardly marketing tactics of the fast-food industry from time to time.

It’s not so bad, because on average my diet is very healthy and I don’t stress about it when I occasionally indulge in some chicken tenders and creamy ranch dip. Stress makes unhealthy food even worse for you, but that’s a whole other topic.

Part of the reason that the fast-food industry is so powerful is that its marketers use color psychology in ways that distort our awareness to their advantage. where our base animal instincts thrive.

On a chart of chakras in the body, Red, Yellow, and Orange are at the bottom. These colors have a lower megahertz frequency and stimulate hunger, fear, and sexual arousal in us.

Fast food companies are essentially selling poison on a massive industrial scale. It naturally follows, then, that they need powerful marketing tactics to prevent people from seeing what’s really going on.

To someone who’s fully tapped into the chakras, this visual deception has little to no impact.

Unfortunately, though, most westerners are unaware of the profound impact that chakras have on our wellbeing and easily fall prey to these marketing tactics.

Balancing Chakras

To understand chakras, one must first understand that we are energetic beings vibrating at specific frequencies. These three-dimensional vessels we call out bodies contain seven chakras, centers of spiritual energy that align with different frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.
(and even that is an oversimplification. I’m just starting to dive deep into the knowledge of chakras.)

When you look at a diagram of our chakras you can clearly see the electromagnetic spectrum represented by a rainbow running up the spine.

Our lower chakras are red, orange, and yellow. These are linked to primal motivations such as hunger, fear, and sexual arousal.

Moving up the spine, the chakras shift from green to blue, indigo, and violet. These higher vibrational colors open up higher levels of awareness and spiritual activation.

Color is a form of energy and our chakras, with their color associations, represent energy balance in our bodies. Balance is the keyword here. The law of conservation of energy states that energy is never created or destroyed, just controlled and redirected.

Our chakras have a profound effect on our spiritual awareness, mental well-being, and physical health. Whether you feel good or bad is determined largely by the balance of your chakras.

By drawing our awareness to the lower vibrational color centers, fast food branding disrupts our energetic balance in the direction of our more primal instincts.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the lower chakras because they’re a key aspect of our total spiritual self.

The issue is a lack of balance. If you are oriented too much towards your lower chakras, you need to do some healing and re-balancing.

Our society is clearly out of balance and fast food is clearly a huge contributor to this imbalance.

Mental Minefield

Pay attention to what colors you see as you drive around town. Damn near every fast food brand is based around red and yellow, sometimes with some orange and the occasional blue thrown in there.

Fast food brands colorology

There’s been an ongoing sale at a Pier 1 Imports in town here. The sign that announces it to drivers is also red & yellow.

Spiritual ascension involves moving from your lower chakras to your higher chakras in the crown. The purple/white Crown Chakra opens a gateway to spiritual evolution, which our society needs more than ever.

By bombarding us with these low-vibration colors, the fast food industry creates a significant obstacle to spiritual actualization.

Given that it’s impossible to avoid seeing these brands as we go about our lives, we need to intentionally balance out our energy. Chakra Focusing meditations and high-vibration interior decorating are two great ways to do this.

My bedroom is almost entirely decorated with blue, purple, and green. This helps keep me in my higher chakras when I’m getting ready for bed. Maybe that’s part of why my dreams are so vivid.

Adding Nuance

I always try to avoid oversimplifying any topic, because there is so much complexity to existence.

Red is not always a bad thing, for example. I’m writing this piece in a building where I can see a smoke alarm, a fire extinguisher, and a defibrillator.

During an emergency, red tools can likely pull us down into awareness of the present physical moment so we can make faster decisions to save lives. If the defibrillator was a calming shade of forest green it would stand out less and that might cost lives.

Also, purple is not necessarily an empowering color. Certain brands, such as Cadbury Chocolates and Taco Bell incorporate some purple, and these are not healthy companies.

It’s likely that design firms who’ve created purple logos for major companies like Twitch and Yahoo just chose that color because it came back most favorable in their focus group testing.

Maybe there were some people on the design team who were tapped in, though. There’s almost always at least one spiritual being in major companies, whether or not they are open about it.


I just started contemplating colorology again after I watched one of Young Pharaoh’s lectures about mental alchemy the other day.

Some of the basics of color theory had entered my awareness during my animation studies, but YP’s lecture rekindled my interest.

The knowledge of colors and their associated chakras is ancient and powerful. It’s woven deep into our collective unconscious, and many designers throughout the ages have tapped into its power accidentally; often for the wrong purposes.

Using colorology to trick folks into eating disgusting trash that destroys the environment is one bad purpose, for example. Colors are also used often to divide people, like in the form of sports teams and the tribal identities they create.

The people who design sports jerseys might not be conscious of their color choice’s impacts on the world. But colors affect us deeply whether or not we understand why or how.

Some people argue that it’s only the colors that you focus on that really impact you. This makes sense, because awareness is a key factor in our experience of reality.

By choosing to be aware of Chakra colors and their spiritual significance, we can add a lot of richness to life.

Many aspects of Western society seem explicitly designed to block our deeper awareness. Profitable corporations often rely on their ability to obscure the negative externalities they create.

Fast food is a perfect example. They outsource most of the environmental destruction they cause to other countries or to very remote parts of this one. That makes it very easy for consumers to indulge without fully realizing the impact they’re having on the world, and thus themselves.

It’s up to entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors to find ways to consciously incorporate colors into our work that help balance out our spiritual energies.

A possible solution

I’ve been in the process of redesigning the Dirtballs packaging for a couple of months. these recent insights into color’s spiritual significance will definitely affect my decisions moving forward.

Early one, I gravitated towards orange and green as Snakta’s brand colors. Originally I associated te colors with trust and vitality.

This makes a lot of sense.

Orange is an energizing color that brings about feelings of warmth, security, and sensuality. This is the sacral chakra, located just below the belly button.

Green is a loving, healthy color that brings about compassion and empathy. This is the Heart chakra, located in the center of your chest.

Interestingly, on the initial packaging for Dirtballs, I chose an orange background with purple details. Sacral chakra and Crown chakra working in harmony.

It would be wonderful to incorporate more purple into the packaging. Purple, green, and orange is one of my favorite color combos.

We’ll see where it goes, though. The designer I’m working with is already blowing me away with her ideas, and it would not be useful to try to control her creativity too much.

Spiritual subterfuge

The redesign is also an opportunity to sneak in subtle spiritual symbols. Symbols like sacred geometry or the Eye of Horus will resonate with folks who are already tapped in and might help push those who aren’t in the right direction.

There are a lot of people out here doing spiritual work in the open. Some go too far and almost shove it down people’s throat or impose on them. Maybe they need to rebalance their chakras.

Again, entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors have endless opportunities to subtly weave spiritual activation portals into everything we do. I think I do need to reconsider what symbols make it into The next version of Dirtballs packaging.

Joseph Campbell has a wonderful quote that’s often misattributed to Buddhist monks: “Participate joyfully in the suffering of the world.” Consumerism is a major point of global suffering so participation in a consumer goods business with joyful spiritual intentions is a powerful way to alleviate some suffering.

Perhaps by approaching consumer culture with an intention to inform and enrich people, I can make a small dent in the problem.

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