Automating away our humanity

Girl hold hands with robot city street automationAutomation is going to create massive poverty if we don’t do something about it.

The problems with automation go even deeper than that, though. When we remove people from economic functions like cashier, we remove human interaction from our lives.

Andrew Yang and other great people are taking on the economic challenges of automation. We, the people, need to address the social and spiritual difficulties as well.

It’s up to us to lead the fight to preserve humanity before its all gone.

Why humans matter

Talking to people, even in a quick transactional way, makes us happier. A friendly cashier can be an oasis of comfort in an otherwise bleak day.

Robots are taking that simple joy away, though. Cashiers, delivery drivers, and receptionists will all be replaced by cold hunks of plastic and metal before we know it.

Without meaning to (one would hope) these tech companies are making it easier to isolate ourselves and have no connection at all to the community we live in. Suburbs and Cities are already horribly structured for connected communities, and the robots will only make the problem worse.

We’ll have to take on the responsibility of seeking out human contact. This is doubly important for folks in big cities because that’s where the roboticization of society takes hold most aggressively.

Facetime is not enough. Chatting in Fortnite is not enough. Snapchats are not enough.

We need real eye contact and in-person interactions in order to be at our most activated and fulfilled state.

Fading spirits

There’s a definite spiritual deficit in modern life. We’ve distanced ourselves from religion and many people only engage with spirituality on a superficial level.

A key aspect of my spirituality is that we’re all part of a greater consciousness. By doing things that enrich other people, I enrich myself and everyone else. You cannot allow yourself to harm people, because you’re hurting yourself too.

The oncoming spiritual crisis will come to a head if we’re all isolated and depressed. If we only engage

Man alone in darkness by window and computer. Internet addiction
No. This is unnaceptable

with the world through technology, our spirits will atrophy and it’ll all be over.

Humans need to interact with each other. We trade energy and affect each other’s vibrations. We can only do this in person, though.

Looking someone in the eye is much more powerful than looking at their bimoji or a facetime video call.

We need to create strong in-person community ties for the good of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Even if you don’t think about it in such terms, our souls fade away without the chance to unfold into each other.

Get it together

It’s not complicated to generate more human interactions in your life. Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Start a gaming group in your neighborhood. Invite people over for board games and snacks
  2. Go to a local farmer market and ask vendors if you can help with their booth
  3. Organize a block party or barbecue. People love getting together and eating great food!
  4. Go to an art gallery and ask people what they think of the art
  5. Just go talk to people

A life without human interaction will be bleak and unfilfilling.

We can’t all be hikikomori and live our lives online. The machine overlords want to subjugate humanity and keep us trapped in their big data prisons.

Going out in the community and having fun together as humans is one of the best things we can do to fight this spiritual battle.