Eat Dirt Today!

Dirtballs are a simple energy snack inspired by the summer I spent farming in Savusavu, Fiji. We would eat dates during the day for energy, then relax on the beach and pick fresh papayas and coconuts when the day was through. 

After returning to the states, I sold some vegan oatmeal cookies for a bake sale at school. I jokingly called them "Dirtballs" because they looked like little brown dirt clumps. People loved them and Dirtballs were always the first thing to sell out! 

This idea simmered in my brain while I moved north to Eugene, Oregon. I decided I'd try to turn Dirtballs into a real business, so I started experimenting to find the perfect recipe. The fruits I ate in Fiji eventually worked their way into the mix. Once I added in the golden flax seeds and Red Ape Cinnamon, I had struck snack gold!

Dirtballs are perfect for an active day in the gym, on a hike to the beach, or while chilling on your favorite mountaintop. When you're done snacking, use the petroleum-free cup to have a refreshing drink.

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