Dirtballs energy bites are the most delicious vegan snack in the world. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, hitting the gym, or taking your kids to the park Dirtballs help you stay healthy and energized.

What’s in Dirtballs?

 Dirtballs are made of eight natural ingredients, with no extra sweeteners, preservatives, or fillers. 

Dates, papaya, coconut butter, flax seeds, sunflower butter, dried coconut, cinnamon and sea salt come together in one unbelievably tasty snack.

We chose our ingredients carefully, taking flavor, nutrition, and allergies into consideration. The end result is a hearty allergy-friendly snack that fits into nearly everyone’s diet. 

Why should I buy Dirtballs?

Good health is a crucial aspect of living a good life and eating the right food is critical for maintaining good health. 

It’s way too easy to fall into a routine of eating processed food and sugary treats. 

Making Dirtballs a staple of your diet helps you live a healthy life and squeeze as much joy as possible out of every day.